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澳洲5计划 Windows 11 KB5027305

Windows 11 澳洲幸运五.下载开奖结果体彩-澳洲幸运5开奖号码结果app KB5027305 released for 澳洲幸运5开奖结果查询号码 beta testers with a new network toggle

Windows 11 KB5027305 beta update is now available for those in the Beta Channel of the Windows Insiders Program. It doesn't come with many new features or major changes, but there are two noteworthy...
Windows 11 Update Stack Package

Microsoft releases Windows 11 Update Stack Package 1201.2305.30021.0

Microsoft has released yet another Windows 11 Update Stack Package as it continues testing this new feature to deliver quality improvements outside the major Windows feature updates. With Update Stack Packages, Microsoft also hopes...
Windows 11 File Explorer refresh rolling out

You can now try Windows 11’s new File Explorer in preview builds

The modernized version of File Explorer is now available to Windows 11 testers, and you can try it today by heading to Windows Insider Settings and then selecting Dev Channel after signing up for...
Google Chrome on Windows 11

Google Chrome is getting a major design refresh on Windows 11; how to enable...

Google Chrome is getting a significant design refresh called "Chrome Refresh 2023" on Windows 11, macOS and other platforms. Previously hidden via experimental flags, Chrome Refresh 2023 is now rolling out to testers in...
Windows 11 Chat app

Windows 11 responds to EU concerns, to allow removal of Microsoft Teams Chat completely

Microsoft may let you uninstall "Chat", a Microsoft Teams for consumer feature, and remove it from Windows Settings. This move could be to avoid the threat of antitrust investigation by European Union regulators. The...
Microsoft Edge 114 mouse gestures update

Microsoft Edge 114 mouse gestures feature rolls out on Windows 11, Windows 10

Microsoft improved web browsing by adding gestures to the original Edge browser codenamed "Spartan". The gesture support made controlling Edge's and navigating between pages more fluid, helping you do things efficiently without moving the...

Microsoft prepares roll out of Windows 11’s native RGB dynamic lighting controls

Windows 11's native controls for RGB dynamic lighting could begin rolling out to testers in the next few days. The native settings page to manage RGB lighting for keyboards, mice, or controllers has been...
macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma echoes Windows XP Bliss, brings Windows Vista-like gadgets

Today, Apple is hosting its annual WWDC 2023 event to announce new iOS, iPadOS, and macOS versions. At the event, Apple announced the latest version of its desktop operating system, macOS 14, dubbed "Sonoma."...
Windows 11 Paint app

Microsoft Paint gets dark mode on Windows 11; how to enable it now

Dark mode for Windows 11's Paint app is finally rolling out to testers in the Windows Insider. We reported about MS Paint's hidden dark mode in January 2023. Microsoft has officially confirmed giving its...
Windows 11 File Explorer hands on

Windows 11’s redesigned File Explorer leaks online, here’s our closer look

Earlier this year, I confirmed that Microsoft is redesigning File Explorer. My sources told me this would be the biggest redesign since Windows 8. While the interface is not changing dramatically, Microsoft is integrating...
Microsoft Bing Safari support

Microsoft tests Bing AI on Safari and Chrome, teases new features

Microsoft's Bing AI has been available online since February but only works for Edge. That's because Microsoft saw Bing's exponential growth as an opportunity to push Windows 11's default browser to more people. This...
Windows 11 Android Subsystem native file sharing

Windows 11’s big Android update brings native apps-like file sharing and more

Microsoft is rolling out more updates to Windows Subsystem for Android than Surface Duo phones. While Surface Duo awaits new firmware releases, Microsoft has quietly published a big update for Windows Subsystem for Android....
Windows 11 Start menu update

Microsoft tests improving Windows 11 Start menu directly via dedicated Windows Updates

With Windows 11, Microsoft hopes to make the operating system more modular. I have reported on Microsoft's plan to make Windows 11 reliable by decoupling features from explorer.exe, such as the taskbar, desktop, and...
Windows 11 KB5026446 issues

Windows 11 KB5026446 Moment 3 installs automatically, causes major issues

Windows 11 KB5026446, which contains the switch to highly-anticipated Windows 11 Moment 3 features hidden by default, is causing many problems. First and foremost, Windows Latest has received reports that the update is installed...
Windows 11 AMD driver bug

Windows 11’s Microsoft update replaces AMD GPU drivers with older versions

Windows 11 can automatically install drivers and replace newer drivers with outdated versions, which can result in problems with specific software. According to reports we received via emails, our forums and Reddit, Windows Update appears...