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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2

Surface Laptop Studio 2 (RTX 4060) is the next powerful Microsoft hardware

Surface Laptop Studio 2 successor could launch later this year and boost significant hardware upgrades, according to new benchmarks seen by Windows Latest. The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is on the...
Microsoft Edge tablet experience

Microsoft Edge fails to deliver a good tablet experience, adds more unwanted features

There's no denying Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is an excellent browser and better than Google Chrome in many ways. Microsoft is slowly bringing back legacy Edge's best features, and the company made...
Microsoft mobile app store

Microsoft’s new project: A mobile app store that can take on Apple and Google

Microsoft doesn't have its mobile OS after it discontinued Windows Phone in 2019, which technically began its life in 2010. Microsoft has no plans to create a mobile version of Windows,...
Microsoft Bing exclusive hands on

Exclusive: Hands on with Microsoft Bing Chat AI’s Neutral, Friendly and Sarcastic modes

Microsoft is testing several new features for Bing, which are hidden and available to select users only. Yesterday, Microsoft offered us to test Bing's new response tone feature, and today we...
Microsoft Bing response tone feature hands on

Hands on with Microsoft Bing AI Chat’s new hidden response tones feature (early access)

Microsoft is testing a new "response tone" feature for Bing with select users. With the new tone feature, you can choose between creative, balanced and precise responses. Users can choose a more...
Microsoft Bing AI update

Microsoft Bing AI Chat is reportedly getting a big quality update soon

While Google is said to be at "code red" over the ChatGPT popularity, Microsoft's Bing AI is gaining momentum and is extremely popular in the tech community lately. As you're probably...
Microsoft Bing Chat update

Microsoft’s Bing AI just got dumber with frequent “let’s move on to a new...

According to our testing, Microsoft has made several changes to Bing AI, and it's very dumbed down after recent server-side updates. These changes were made after journalists and users could access...
Microsoft Edge ad

Microsoft really wants you to use Edge on iOS and Windows, and it’s getting...

Microsoft's latest campaign to force you to use its Edge browser is annoying and can turn users away instead. In the latest version of Outlook for iPhone, Microsoft uses pop-ups to...
Microsoft Bing AI for Android and iOS

Microsoft says ChatGPT Bing AI is coming to Android and iOS soon

Earlier today, Microsoft started rolling out the new ChatGPT-powered Bing to early testers worldwide. The early preview of Bing works like a charm on desktop, and it's also coming to Android...
Microsoft Bing ChatGPT

Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing is now rolling out to select users

Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing AI is now rolling out to early testers, and one of our Microsoft accounts has also received the invite to preview the new search experience. If you've browsed the...

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